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Process impact: This is a glossary of terms defined as they are used in this project. Writing out the definitions of terms and acronyms here helps keep other documents more concise and precise. A shared glossary helps prevent misunderstandings and makes it easier for new team members to be productive.
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Project-specific Terms

TODO: Define the terms that you use in other documents. Note any customer-supplied definitions, links to outside definitions, deprecated meanings (e.g., bug), or questions about term meanings. Don't define standard textbook terms here, instead put them under the "Standard terms" tab.
TIP: This glossary can serve as simple domain model or data dictionary. You can define important data objects by describing their meaning and key attributes. For example, see order-line and registered user.
n. Average Customer Rating. The mathematical mean of all product ratings for a given product. It is a floating point value ranging from 1 to 5. The value 0.00 is used when there are no ratings.
n. The Address Verification System Interface: a component that interfaces our shipping and billing logic to the credit card processor's server for verification of card-holder addresses.
n. One line on a customer order, consisting of a product name, price, and quantity.
n. An item from the product catalog offered for sale on a shopping site. Each product has a unique SKU number, name, description, and regular price.
Product catalog
n. A database of all products offered for sale on a shopping site.
Registered user
n. A person who has registered with us in the past. Attributes include real name, user name, encrypted password, billing information, recent ship-to address, recent orders, and corporate account authorizations. See visitor.
Reviewer standing
Computed attribute of user based on meta-moderation of product reviews written by this user. Used to determine priority in product review comments. Only the "Top 100" reviewer standing is ever displayed to any end-users.
Real-world meaning of values:
NewbieLess than 10 people liked his/her reviews
CriticBetween 11 and 200 liked them
PunditMore than 201 liked them
Top 100User is in the top 100 when sorted by number of positive meta-moderation points
Subscription product
n. A special type of product that has a certain number of recurring fulfillments between the purchase date and the expiration date. QUESTION: how shall we represent publication frequency?
v. A special type of purchase where the product is a subscription product, and there is no existing subscription.
n. A person who is visiting our e-commerce website but has not yet logged in. Each visitor creates a session on our server, some of these sessions will become associated with a registered user, but most will not.
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