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Process impact: This is a test run log for manual system testing. A test run is logged whenever the manual system test suite is carried out. The log overview helps visualize the set of system configurations that have been tested and those that have not. Clearly understanding the degree to which the system has been tested helps to assess progress, assess risk, and focus ongoing testing efforts.
  • Review the target audience, environmental requirements, and possible deployments to understand the set of possible system configurations that could be tested.
  • Use a table or list to describe that set of possible configurations. Mark each possibility with Pending, N/A, or Waived.
  • Track each test run with an issue in the issue tracker or an item in the test-runs document.
  • Periodically review the set of possible system configurations to identify any additional needed test runs.

Test Runs by Operating System and Browser

OS \ Browser IE Netscape/Mozilla Konqueror/Safari other
Windows Passed Passed N/A N/A
Linux N/A Passed Pending N/A
Mac Failed Pending Passed N/A
Palm N/A N/A N/A Pending

Test Runs by Locale

TIP: Use this outline to guide the testing of internationalized applications. Each locale indicates a native language as well as formats for presenting money, dates, times, etc.
  • English US: Passed
  • English UK: Passed
  • English CA: Passed
  • Japanese: Passed
  • Spanish: Pending
  • Russian: Pending
  • German: Pending
  • French: Pending
  • French CA: Waived, French + English Canadian is good enough

Test Runs by Hardware Configuration

TIP: Use this outline for products that depend on specific hardware. E.g., a disk crash recovery product would depend on the type of drive, a game might depend on processor speed and graphics cards, other products might depend on memory or other hardware specs.
  • PCs
    • IDE drive: Pending
    • EIDE drive: Waived because we only use IDE features
    • ATA drive: Passed
    • SCSI drive: Passed
    • SATA drive: Passed
    • USB drive: Failed
  • Macs

Test Run Capsule Reports

Date Tests Performed Results Comments
2004-12-06 Database tests Passed
2004-12-13 UI tests Failed Reported 8 issues
2004-12-13 Database tests Passed
2004-12-21 UI tests Passed Verified that previous defects had been repaired
2004-12-21 Compatibility tests Failed See full report
Week 19 UI tests Pending
Week 19 Database tests on VENDOR-1 Pending
Week 19 Database tests on VENDOR-2 Pending
Week 19 Compatibility tests Pending
Week 20 All manual system tests Pending
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