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Project Information

TODO: Copy this file for each status report. Fill in the information below. Email a notification to stakeholders when this report is made available.
TODO: Edit the rows in the following table. In some rows, multiple samples are given, you should select and edit only one.
Status Report Date: YYYY-MM-DD
Next Internal Release Number: X.Y.Z
Release Date:
Original estimate: YYYY-MM-DD
Current estimate: YYYY-MM-DD
Change Since Last Report: No change
Change Since Last Report: Slipped 2 days
Change Since Last Report: Saved 4 days
Resources used this period:
PERSON-NAME: 18 hours.
PERSON-NAME: 15 hours.
PERSON-NAME: 10 hours.
PERSON-NAME: 12 hours.
Status Summary:
Project completed. This is the final status report.
Low risk. Project on track.
Medium risk. Problems are being dealt with.
High risk. Advice from management and stakeholders needed.
Project canceled. This is the final status report.
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Process impact: Frequent status reports help keep stakeholders informed of project status so that they may correctly set their expectations. Reasoned explanations of small changes in schedule are much better than major unexplained slips later.

Detailed Status

TODO: Provide 1-4 paragraphs describing what has happened on this project. Replace the sample text below with your own words.
TIP: Many developers get themselves into trouble by giving estimates of percent completion that are based on feelings rather than facts. It is best to use objective measures such as percentage of features, UI screens, or function points implemented, or percentage of unit tests passed. Beware of scales where 100% is not the same as being finished: e.g., "we are passing 95% of unit tests" can be misleading if those tests only cover 60% of the features. Don't say what you think your manager wants to hear if it is not true, even if you think you can make it true by working harder.

This week we focused on...

Two major problems have been uncovered...

We are approximately 30% of the way through the project plan, and running about 2 days ahead of schedule...

The reason for the change in estimated release date is...

We recommend changing the schedule or WBS to add...

To stay on schedule, we have slipped enhancements issue 92, issue 101, and issue 129 to a later release. These issues were selected because ...

Completion of COMPONENT is on hold until we hear back from DEPARTMENT-TEAM-OR-VENDOR.

This week team members spent a total of 6 hours on TIME-WASTING-TASK and were re-tasked to work on COMPETING-PROJECT for 8 hours.

Project Metrics

TODO: Track a few simple metrics that help to give objective measures of project progress, quality, and remaining work. Focus on long-term metrics for the overall project, not progress on individual tasks. Optionally, note deltas from last status report and explain reasons for changes. The values should ideally be computed by tools such as the issue tracker and unit test runners: be careful not to present subjective, wishful thinking in objective terms.
Metric Description Expected Value at Release Current Value Comments
Open issues Known issues requiring developer work No high priority issues
Resolved issues Fixed issues that must still be verified No high priority issues
Closed issues Issues completely done N/A
Code written New code for new features 100% 80%
Unit test coverage Statements exercised in unit tests 100% 30% (up 9%) Starting with business objects first
Unit tests passed Unit tests that we currently pass 100% 90% (up 17%) Still failing some file import tests
Performance results Seconds needed for 1 million records 20 57 Only simple optimizations have been done so far.

Risk Management

TODO: List 3-10 of the top project risks that are still outstanding. This list may be copied from an updated risk management worksheet or a previous status report.
  • We could face major difficulties with the technology chosen for this project. CURRENT STEPS TO AVOID/MITIGATE.
  • We could have low quality that demands significant rework. CURRENT STEPS TO AVOID/MITIGATE.
  • We could incorrectly assess our progress until it is too late to react. CURRENT STEPS TO AVOID/MITIGATE.
  • There may be a misalignment of stakeholder goals or expectations. CURRENT STEPS TO AVOID/MITIGATE.

Upcoming Activity

TODO: Provide a few bullets describing what you will do before the next status report. The text below is just a sample, replace it with your own words. Link to open issues in the issue tracker whenever possible.
  • Fix issue 130
  • Fix issue 133
  • Verify issue 102, issue 103, issue 107, and issue 109
  • Conduct regular team meeting: Tuesday, 1 hour
  • Conduct review meeting: Wednesday, 2 hours
  • Make major progress on COMPONENT
  • Update DOCUMENT
  • Work through next release checklist
  • Continue functional testing
  • Revise our integration procedure
  • Release version X.Y.Z

Tracking to Plan

TODO: Copy the WBS from the project plan and paste it here. Add a new column for actual effort spent so far by all team members.
StepDescriptionPlanned HoursSpent To-Date
1.1.Developer training600
2.1.Requirements gathering600
2.2.Requirements specification400
2.3.Requirements validation200
3.1.High-level design100
3.2.Low-level design (break down by component)
3.2.A.Object design200
3.2.B.User interface design200
3.2.C.Database design60
3.3.Design review and evaluation100
4.1.A.System implementation
4.1.A.1.Implement Component 1500
4.1.A.2.Implement Component 2500
4.1.A.3.Implement Component 3500
4.1.A.4.Implement Component 4500
Integrate Components
(mostly done during component implementation)
4.1.B.Technical documentation (break down by component)200
4.1.C.User documentation (break down by component)400
4.1.D.1.Test planning200
4.1.D.2.Test code implementation (break down by component)600
4.1.D.3.Test execution300
4.2.Implementation review and evaluation200
5.A.Release packaging80
5.B.Documentation for other groups60
6.1. Postmortem report200
TODO: Check for words of wisdom for additional advice on this template.
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